Pia-Amata Georgina Ahorner

PhD student, in the lab since January 2016

Pia Ahorner was born and raised in Austria.

Research interest

gynecologic oncology, cell imaging, microscopy, genomic instability, molecular cancer research, DNA repair

Scientific education

Jan. 2016-Present

University Hospital Zurich, Department of Gynecology

PhD project in the field of fundamental research on Genome Stability and DNA repair: “The role of TopBP1 in the cellular stress response to DNA double-strand breaks”


January 2015-October 2015

Brunel University London, College of Health and Life Sciences

Master project: “The link between radiation hypersensitivity of BRCA1 heterozygous cancer patient cell lines and the BRCA1 protein expression” and “Construction of an isogenic cell line library defective in DNA double-strand break repair using CRISPR-CAS9 gene editing”


June 2010- January 2011

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences and Zytoprotec GmbH Bachelor project in the field of Clinical Pediatric Research: “Activation of the heat shock transcription factor HSF1 through specific stress stimulation in a human in-vitro model of peritoneal dialysis”




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