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New phonenumbers

7.November 2017

Since today, the Stuckilab is reachable via new phonenumbers:


Manuel Stucki: 043 253 30 40

Alison Ribeiro: 043 253 30 46

Pia Ahorner: 043 253 30 45

Clémende Mooser: 043 253 30 43

Diana Bundschuh: 043 253 30 41

Colin Leikauf: 043 253 30 42

Juliane Hutmacher: 043 253 30 43


All our contact details are accessable here.



Wagi Lunch Seminar

2.October 2017

The schedule of the weekly Wagi Lunch Seminar has been released. Among others, Pia Amata Ahorner, PhD-Student in our lab is giving a talk on October, 25th. The Seminar takes place in the Seminar room, 4th Floor Wagi 12, (WAD J-121/123),
every Wednesday 12:00-12:30h.

Wagi Lunch Seminar Schedule
Fall Semester program 2017.pdf
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14.September 2017

We are proud to present you our own labwebsite. is the main infopoint for people with interest in our work and research. Here you can find all nessecary information: the team members, contact dates, how to find us, publications and the latest news. We will update the page regularly so you have all the things you need - on one site:



New PhD student

17.August 2017

Clémence Mooser joined our lab.



New Labmember

9.May 2017


Dr. med. Juliane Hutmacher started her postdoctoral research fellowship in our lab. She will first get used tot he work in a lab. Afterwards, Juliane is about to start her own project in the stuckilab.We are happy to welcome Juliane in our team and we are excited to see her project proceeding. Dr. Hutmacher will stay in our lab until end of 2017.