Mara de Marco Zompit

PhD student, in the lab since November 2017

Mara de Marco Zompit was born and raised in Italy.

Research interest

Breast and Ovarian cancer, genomic instability, DNA repair, Microscopy, 3D cell culture, mouse models.

Scientific education

November 2017 – present

PhD student at University Hospital Zurich

Department of Gynaecology

PhD project: “Exploring novel functions of the tumour suppressor NBS1 in the maintenance of genome stability”.

January 2017 – October 2017

Early-stage researcher at National Cancer Institute, CRO Aviano, Italy.

Molecular Oncology, Department of Translational Research.

October 2014 – December 2016

Master degree in “Functional Genomics”, University of Trieste.

Master project: “The role of Stathmin in normal mammary gland development and in breast cancer progression”

September 2011 - September 2014

Bachelor degree in “Molecular and Cellular Biology”, University of Trieste.


Bachelor project in the field of Cancer Bio-Immunotherapies.


043 253 30 42

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